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  July 10-20, 2019 - Mission Trip to the Navajo Nation in New Mexico.  

                                Sign-up sheet is in the Lobby.

Least of These Ministries -  (From their site) The Least of These Ministries is dedicated to helping people in the bateys near the Barahona area of the Dominican Republic.  By providing one meal per week of rice and beans, The Least of These Ministries is helping to give nourishment both physically and spiritually to help those living is destitute. Currently the Least of These ministries is providing food for 9,000 people on a weekly basis.  There are still thousands more people in the area that we cannot reach because of budget limitations.  With your help, this ministry would be able to feed more.  www.leastofthesemin.org.  These mission trips to the Dominican Republic have been joined by many members of Tom's Creek Church.

 Photos (below) of volunteers building the storage warehouse, and of the loading of a shipment of much needed food and supplies to The Dominican Republic

Click here to see the 10.13.2011 Baltimore Sun article about the Least of These Ministries sending food and supplies to the Dominican Republic!  Or see it in .PDF form below:
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